It’s Valentine Day!

Even though we love others every day, traditionally, this day – February 14th –  is all about loving – and letting those you love, know – how you feel about them.

The first true love I received came from Jesus Christ through what He did for you and me.  You can read all about it in the Bible at John 3:16 – and many other Chapters – check the index for the word love.  Our God loves us in so many inconceivable ways!

Other true loves include my husband, our children and grandchildren; our parents, siblings and dear friends.  Even our loyal pets love us.

This year for Valentine Day I finished an embroidery design that was started several years ago when a very young grandson began learning American Sign Language.  His older brother, an artist, sketched the design for me to use as a pattern for the “I love you!” sign.

You can purchase this Redwork design at my shop on Etsy by clicking this link – MY ETSY SHOP

You can also find this and other designs at my eBluejay Store, Needles and Thread.


About Barbara

Besides being in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I like all things related to home and family including sewing and machine embroidery. As a young girl my Mom and an aunt introduced me to sewing and as a teen I loved browsing the sewing pattern catalog for fashion ideas. As an adult I was introduced to machine embroidery and digitizing through friends. Now I'd like to share my love of God, family and needlecraft with you through this blog named for my paternal grand-mother who lived on Myrtle Street. 77 Myrtle Street's Gravatar is a photo of our daughter's front door that depicts one of my concepts of God and Family.
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