Draw Close to God

 Draw Close to God?

How does a mere human draw close to the God of the Universe? Sit quietly and wait to hear His voice?  Start talking first?  Or, study and learn about Him?  Books have been written and Blogs created that teach Christians how to have a closer relationship with their Heavenly Father.  An internet search will find a multitude of articles on this topic, but why not begin simple and just keep in touch?

When my husband ends a phone call with a loved one or they depart from a visit, he always reminds them to “Keep in touch!” He knows that a personal relationship is built on time spent with the one who is loved.

So it can be when you love God, if you spend time keeping in touch with Him throughout your day.  The God of Creation loves you more than you can fathom.  Talk to Him anytime about anything and from there your relationship will grow.

Keep in Touch!






About Barbara

Besides being in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I like all things related to home and family including sewing and machine embroidery. As a young girl my Mom and an aunt introduced me to sewing and as a teen I loved browsing the sewing pattern catalog for fashion ideas. As an adult I was introduced to machine embroidery and digitizing through friends. Now I'd like to share my love of God, family and needlecraft with you through this blog named for my paternal grand-mother who lived on Myrtle Street. 77 Myrtle Street's Gravatar is a photo of our daughter's front door that depicts one of my concepts of God and Family.
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