Faith, Hope and Charity


 The Three Virtues

Found in the Christian Bible

The apostle Paul said of Faith, Hope and Love, at 1 Corinthians 13:13 in the Bible, that the greatest of the three is Love, which is a synonym for Charity. The King James Version of the bible uses the word Charity instead of Love, but generally Love is used more often.

Artists have symbolized these three words. Bands, businesses and babies have been named after them. Popes have written encyclicals about them. And through the ages people have used them to embellish needlework.

Faith is symbolized by the Cross of Jesus Christ. An anchor is a symbol of Hope.  Not surprisingly, the heart represents Love.

I chose to embroider the three words in shades of blue that appear to represent the word itself. True blue just seems to fit Faith. Pale blue whispers a promise of Hope. Charity’s bold blue color sings loudly of an encompassing Love.

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About Barbara

Besides being in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I like all things related to home and family including sewing and machine embroidery. As a young girl my Mom and an aunt introduced me to sewing and as a teen I loved browsing the sewing pattern catalog for fashion ideas. As an adult I was introduced to machine embroidery and digitizing through friends. Now I'd like to share my love of God, family and needlecraft with you through this blog named for my paternal grand-mother who lived on Myrtle Street. 77 Myrtle Street's Gravatar is a photo of our daughter's front door that depicts one of my concepts of God and Family.
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2 Responses to Faith, Hope and Charity

  1. reeps2013 says:

    Faith, Hope and Charity – eloquently described. What a nice piece to share with someone who receives a person’s embroidered work.

    Liked by 1 person

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